Pro Regno boekrak: 2 Augustus 2010

1. Hymns, Heretics and History, Louis F. deBoer Inhoud: The historical record that the Old Testament Church, the Apostolic Church, and the early Christian church all sang the Psalms exclusive of any hymns of human composition. Who were the first hymnists in the post Apostolic Church? Why the Gnostics and the Arians introduced hymns into... Continue Reading →

Pro Regno nr.11 – Die kerklied

Sien hier: pr 2010.01.05 nr.11 Tema: 5 Artikels oor die kerklied Inhoud - Inleiding … 1 - Totius oor die lied in die kerkgeskiedenis (vroeë kerk, reformasie, dordt, Nederland) … 2 - Totius oor die vrye kerklied (Gesange) … 9 - Totius en die Skrifberymings … 17 - Die kerklied in die presbiteriaanse wêreld …... Continue Reading →

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