Pro Regno boekrak: 2 Augustus 2010

1. Hymns, Heretics and History, Louis F. deBoer


bullet The historical record that the Old Testament Church, the Apostolic Church, and the early Christian church all sang the Psalms exclusive of any hymns of human composition.

bullet Who were the first hymnists in the post Apostolic Church?

bullet Why the Gnostics and the Arians introduced hymns into the church.

bullet The purposes of the first waves of uninspired hymnody in the Christian Church.

bullet Why the Calvinist Reformation returned to Psalmody and rejected all hymns of human composition.

bullet Why almost every wave of hymnody was launched by heretics with a theological axe to grind.

bullet How even the best hymnwriters such as Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley  were seriously tainted with error and introduced these errors into their hymns.

bullet How gospel hymnody is actually an exercise in “Arminian evangelism.”

bullet How feminism and hymnody have combined to corrupt the church.

bullet Why the historical record shows that hymns always displace and drive out the Psalms.


2. The Christian Case against Contraception, Brian C. Hodge

“Evangelicals often give little thought to the morality of contraception, but when they do, serious studies of the subject are scarce if not non-existent. The Christian Case against Contraception seeks to fill this gap by evaluating the practice, not from personal preference or mere experience, but from the four major theological disciplines of Christianity: Historical, Biblical, Systematic, and Practical Theology and Ethics.
The book begins with a contrastive analysis between secular and ecclesiastical culture and thought concerning the subject of contraception and the purpose of the sexual act. The claims of the Church, that contraception is morally unacceptable, is examined further as the book takes the reader on a journey through biblical, systematic, and practical arguments which establish the foundations of the Historic Church’s claim.
Opposing arguments are evaluated as to their strength and validity. In fact, Hodge stirs the debate with a challenge that he has yet to see Christians set forth a valid biblical argument in support of contraceptive practices.
For the reader seeking to place procreative ethics under the lordship of Christ, The Christian Case against Contraception offers a bold and clear way forward.”

Hier beskikbaar:

Sien ook:

(Dankie vir Alwyn Bezuidenhout wat die bestaan van hierdie boek onder my aandag gebring het.)

3. Children of God Storybook Bible, Desmond Tutu

Die boek is op 30 Julie wêreldwyd bekendgestel:

Mnr. Stephan Spies van Lux Verbi, die uitgewer het by een van die bekendstellings gesê:  

“The important thing that makes this unique is that for the first time ever this children’s Bible helps kids celebrate the global body of Christ,” said Stephan Spies, adding, “Through the various art styles represented, children will learn about different global cultures within the Church, and through Archbishop Tutu’s message, children will understand that we are, whatever our differences, one family in Christ. As such, children throughout the world can take part in building the Kingdom of God in our world through following Jesus’ example.”

Die ‘whatever our differences’ teologie van Spies moet gelees word in die lig van die oorhoofse doel van die boek:

“It is designed to help children read the Bible not as part of a system of belief to know the theology of the Bible and doctrines of the different churches, but to help them understand Christianity as a “Way of Life.”

Hier is inligting oor die bekendstelling:

Sien die meisie-agtige (androgene?) ‘liewe jesus’ figuurtjie (een van die afbeeldings in die boek), hier:

Hier is my resensie van die boek:

11 En daarom sal God hulle die krag van die dwaling stuur, om die leuen te glo, 12 sodat almal geoordeel kan word wat die waarheid nie geglo het nie, maar behae gehad het in die ongeregtigheid.  – 2 Thess.2:11

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