Pro Regno Boekrak: 2011-07-22

1. Counceling Day in Pretoria with dr. Paul Tripp

Dit word geborg deur Augustine Bookroom.

Dr. Tripp is ‘n bybelse berader met baie ervaring, veral oor huwelik en gesinsake. Ek glo dit gaan baie leersaam wees en wil dit by u aanbeveel om die dag by te woon, asook sy boeke te lees, wat die dag besikbaar gaan wees vir aankope.

2. GPTS Summer Insitute on Creation, 1- 5 August  2011

Sien hier:

Dr. Jonathan D. Sarfati, a physical chemist, spectroscopist, and chess master formerly of Brisbane, Australia, now living in Georgia. Dr. Sarfati, editor of publications for Creation Ministries International, is noted for taking an uncompromising stance on the origins of the universe, the earth, and life, and for defending Scripture in a straightforward manner against any attempt to “reconcile” it with “scientific data” that contradict it.

Also teaching during the Institute along with Dr. Sarfati will be Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr., president of Greenville Seminary and professor of historical and systematic theology. Dr. Pipa has been an outspoken defender of a literal six-day creation view and is co-author of the book Did God Create in Six Days?

Topics for this year’s Institute include:

  • Design, Deluge and Dilemma with Q&A (free Monday night
    public presentation)
  • Refuting Compromise
  • Real Science Supports the Bible
  • Are Miracles Scientific?
  • The Voyage that Shook the World
  • The Christian Roots of Science
  • Incarnation and Genesis
  • Creation and Bioethics
  • Incredible Design in Nature
  • Exegetical Defense of Creationism
  • A Critique of Alternative Positions
  • OPC and PCA Reports

As u baie graag hierdie konferensie wil bywoon, maar nie kan gaan nie, is ek meer as bereidwillig om die opoffering te maak om in u plek te gaan … kontak my gerus !

Die konferensie se lesings op DVD kan ook hier bestel word:

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