Neem en lees: 6 Julie 2013

The New Logic Classroom

“The structure created minds is the same as his Creator’s.  God is not insane; He is a rational being; the structure of God’s mind is logic.  For these reasons, we say not only that logic is irreplaceable and universal, but logic is necessary and fixed.  It is not one scheme of things among others.  It is not something optional, for the mind was formed on the three laws of logic:  principles of identity, excluded middle, and contradiction.”

Teaching Logic & Critical Thinking to Your Kids

“It’s pleasing to know that parents are taking a more proactive role in the education of their children, whether or not they are homeschooling. I’ve been asked if I can recommend tools that could be used to teach children the elements of logic and critical thinking.”

Die NG Kerk jaag die wetenskap van ongeloof na (Met verwysing na Jaap Durand se boek)

“En ek daag diegene wat aan Durand se naïewe najaag van die “wetenskap” van ongeloof meedoen uit om die video te kyk. En wanneer jy dit kyk, onthou: Jy glo mos in ‘n skepper God, dus HOEF jy nie evolusie te aanvaar nie. Jy KAN dit op grond van die logiese, wetenskaplike bewyse verwerp! (En as jy nie in ‘n Skepper glo nie, sterkte met die kognitiewe dissonansie…)”

Pastors and Social Media

“If the leader is not leading in the digital world, his leadership is, by definition, limited to those who also ignore or neglect that world, and that population is shrinking every minute. The clock is ticking…, if you are not present on the Internet, you simply do not exist, as far as anyone under 30 is concerned.” So writes Al Mohler, confirming the importance of social media for pastors.”

From the Department of “Let’s Just Love Jesus and Ignore Theology” Comes This… Should we simply quit arguing over theology and seek the lost?

“There is no excuse for this kind of laziness in the pastorate. For one, the man is not being honest. He says he wants to bring them closer to Jesus, but how is he to do this if He is not willing to dive deeper in the word and grow in his Christology (a branch of theology that focuses on the person and work of Christ). What does he intend to do, give them fuzzy feelings so that they too have fuzzy feeling about Jesus? The Bible never calls us to such slop.”

Sien ook: Niceness or Love?

“Among members of the PCA, there is a huge dissatisfaction with how blogs are run today. Lack of love, harshness, unfounded accusations, and many like things are par for the course, they say. There is certainly an element of truth to this. Many people do not exercise self-control in what they say on the internet, because it is more anonymous. They say things to another person or about another person, which they would probably not say if that person were standing there in front of them. This is a large problem on blogs, and I certainly cannot claim that my blog (including my own statements) has been immune from this problem.”

Learn what the Bible says about Economics

“Our economics will be grounded either in Bible-centered theology or in humanistic thinking. Only a true faith that applies God’s Word to everything—including economics—will lead to the revival and reformation our culture needs so badly.”

Islam—The Great Challenge to Christian Evangelism of Our Times

“As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and a minister of the gospel, my primary concern about Islam is not civilizational or geopolitical, but theological. I believe that Jesus Christ is indeed, “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” and that no one comes to the Father but by him (John 14:6). Salvation is found only through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and the gospel of Christ is the only message that saves.”

How Does Rick Warren Deconstruct the Reformation?

“Purpose-Driven Church movement leader Rick Warren has been anointed Billy Graham’s successor as “America’s pastor” by the secular media. He takes fellow Southern Baptist Graham’s ecumenism a step further by calling for a “new Reformation” that would obliterate the old.

Warren’s constant theme is to criticize those who seek to hold to sound doctrine, saying that they are letting theology stand in the way of the greater good of “a new Reformation.” Warren’s “new Reformation” would bring mainline liberal churches, Evangelicals, and Roman Catholics together to spread a “gospel” of worldwide social and economic reform.”

Homoseksuele huwelike in die VSA

Die VSA se hooggeregshof het onlangs wetgewing goedgekeur waarop daar reaksies was, hier is ‘n paar om te lees:

“Waiting for the Other Shoe” — The Supreme Court Rules on Same-Sex Marriage

SCOTUS gay marriage rulings: what should we think?

Persecution in America? Chicken Little vs. the Ostrich

Can a Supreme Court define Marriage ?

“Mom, Dad… I’m Gay.” A Christian Parent’s Response

Luister ook na: Dialog Over the Bible and Homosexualtity

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