Voorbidding vir Suid-Soedan (oorlog) en Uganda (sodomie)

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Soos die Evangelie verkondig word, sal daar teenstand wees, dit is niks nuuts nie.  Orals waar die kerk van Christus gevestig word en groei, sal die Satan en sy magte ‘n aanslag loods, op verskillende vlakke en op verskillende maniere.  Hy haat dit dat God gedien en verheerlik word onder alle volke.  Soos die Evangelie ook toeneem in Afrika, sal die stryd groter word.  Daarom word gelowiges se voorbidding ook gevra vir lande waar daar ook nou groot stryd is op hierdie oomblik, spesifiek Suid-Soedan en Uganda, om verskillende redes, maar dit gaan oor dieselfde saak:

17 En die draak was vertoornd op die vrou, en hy het weggegaan om oorlog te voer teen haar ander nakomelinge wat die gebooie van God bewaar en die getuienis van Jesus Christus hou. – Openbaring 12

Sien die twee gevalle hier vir voorbidding vir gelowiges in Suid-Soedan en Uganda, by eersgenoemde blyk dit dat ‘n diktator besig is om ‘n skrikbewind te voer, en in laasgenoemde geval word ‘n regering wat God se gebod wil handaaf teen sodomie, deur die liberale afvallige westerse wêreld gedreig en geteister:

1. Suid-Soedan

Ek plaas ‘n brief van die GKSA se deputate wat kontak het met gelowiges daar:

Ons het pas die volgende berig ontvang van die predikant (ek noem doelbewus nie sy naam nie) wat tydens die GKSA se vorige Sinode afgevaardig was toe ons met die Gereformeerde Kerk daar eenheidsbande gesluit het:

We have experienced a heavy fighting between soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir and his former vice Riak Machar last three weeks.  The government called it an attempted coup but it was actually a political difference that arose over party meetings and the president dictatorial tendency that sparked the fight.  The President wants to eliminate all his political critics in hope of becoming a full dictator. Unfortunately, the fight turned quickly into tribal conflict targeting people that come from Nuer tribe in Juba.

Since the fight began, it is estimated that about 1000 innocent South Sudanese citizens mainly from Nuer tribe from whom Riak Machar comes have being killed. This is being done under the command of the president of the nation who comes from Dinka. His private army who comes from his home area Warrap carried out the mission of killing Nuer in Juba. Nuer are being killed in streets and hunted in houses and killed. They are being killed systematically and even two Presbyterian pastors were brought out from their residences and killed on nearby street.

About 200 000 people mainly from Nuer have fled for safety to UNMISS (United Nations Mission in South Sudan) compounds in Juba, or to churches, or left Juba altogether. We are also hearing information that Nuer are organizing themselves to attack Dinka villages. This situation if not controlled may turn to be another Rwanda in Africa. Current tension may engulf the whole country into civil war if not settled very soon.

Therefore, we first would like to appeal for prayers for South Sudan to avoid further escalation in the situation. Secondly, we appeal to advocacy and human rights groups to urge their governments to dispatch envoy to Juba, South Sudan to seek quick settlement of the crisis. The humanitarian situation is bad many people do not have food and shelters.

Our churches in Juba, Bor, Bentiu and Malakal have been greatly affected by this fight. Graciously, I and family are safe but we do not know what will happen next.


Dr. Douw Breed (Voorsitter: Deputate Ekumeniese Sake (Buitelands)

Ds.Malan van Rhyn (Lessenaar: Suid-Soedan)

2. Uganda

Hier plaas ek die artikel van rev. Al Baker (PCA) oor die situasie in Uganda.  Ook vir ons in SA en elders is dit belangrik om kennis te neem van hierdie saak, en wat ons elkeen persoonlik, ons gesinne, gemeentes en gemeenskappe daaruit kan leer.

Anti-homosexual Legislation

volume 13, number 2, January 9, 2014

But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, and she teaches and leads My bondservants astray so that they commit acts of immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols, Revelation 2:20.

In late December, after years of controversy, the Ugandan parliament passed an anti-homosexuality bill. President Yoweri Museveni has thirty days to sign the bill to make it law. This legislation has been a possibility since 2009, and the bill allows for life imprisonment for “aggravated homosexuality”-one with HIV engaged in the homosexual act, serial offenders, and sex with minors. One with HIV can be sentenced to life in prison even if the sexual act is consensual.

It seems clear that the people of Uganda are seeking to protect themselves from the disintegration of the traditional, Biblical family. What’s wrong with that? Of course the homosexual hegemony of the western world is in an uproar and many nations are threatening to cut off financial aid to the nation of Uganda. President Obama, a year or so ago, threatened the same thing on Ugandan President Museveni, saying to Museveni that it is time for Uganda to join the Twenty-first century. Homosexual advocacy groups have flooded Uganda in the last couple of years, trying to coerce (or is it bribe) church and political leaders to embrace homosexuality.

These groups, led by the likes of George Soros, are godless, humanistic, western rejectors of Biblical truth who are seeking to sodomize Uganda. They are promising financial aid to this largely impoverished people if they “get with the program.” Last May, while I was in Uganda, a Church of Uganda Bishop told his preachers that he would never accept money from these groups. He would never go against the Scriptures on this or any other issue, that he would rather remain poor than to deny God’s word.

Most of the African nations have anti-homosexual laws, stemming no doubt from the strong Christian influence that has come through, among other things, the East African revival that has been going on for over fifty years. Keep in mind too that Christianity began to take hold in Uganda in 1886 when homosexual King Mwanga roasted alive twenty-two young boys and men who refused any longer to service his perverse desires. Martyrdom emboldened many others to preach Christ and willingly to suffer and die for the gospel. Every June 3 Uganda observes a national holiday to commemorate the young martyrs. Uganda is the only nation in Africa to turn back the AIDS epidemic and they have done so, largely, by preaching abstinence. Museveni’s wife, Janet, a vibrant Christian leader, has led the way in the abstinence campaign.

Bottom line-the largely Christian Ugandan parliament is heeding the words of Jesus to the church at Thyatira. The Laodiceans were tolerating evil. They were tolerating “Jezebel”, a reference to the wicked wife of King Ahab of Israel, a pagan woman who led her nation into ruin through sexual perversion and idolatry.

Instead of being mocked, the nation of Uganda ought to be celebrated. We ought to pray for God to use these godly men and women to awaken the rest of the world to our lethargy and slide into Sodom. I find it ironic that the English and American world which brought the gospel to Africa over one hundred years ago, is now being rebuked and challenged by those to whom the gospel first came. The Anglican Church of Uganda has eleven million members. The Anglican Church of Nigeria has over twenty million members (American Anglicans and Episcopalians number two million); and these African Archbishops are challenging the largely apostate western Anglican church to repent and return to the Scriptures as their sole authority. I love it! Our children are now teaching us.

What should we take away from the courageous stand of our Ugandan brethren? Are we not guilty of tolerating evil in the western world? Have we not caved on all the major, moral issues of the last forty years-abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, homosexuality and same sex marriage, legalized gambling and prostitution, rampant pornography, statism, and many more? Jesus told the church at Thyatira that He would cast her upon a bed of sickness, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, that He would kill her children with pestilence if they refuse to repent of their immorality. The church at Thyatira was guilty of acquiescing to evil, of looking the other way, of being too involved in their own personal peace and affluence that they had not the heart to engage in the strong work of refusing the devil a foothold into their culture.

Consequently the adulterous, godless culture of paganism, was making inroads into Thyatira, causing church members to go after idols, to engage in sexual immorality in the name of their false religion. The possibility of not allowing the devil a foothold into our culture has evaporated. We need, now, to reclaim that which has been lost.

What must you do?

First, begin with yourself.

Do you tolerate evil in your own life? What do you watch on television? Do you wade daily into the river of grace (availing yourself the public and private means of grace-personal quiet time with God; Scripture reading, study, memorization, and meditation; earnest prayer; sitting weekly under true Biblical preaching; partaking of the Lord’s Supper); or do you wade into the river of licentiousness (television, cinema, pornography, books, friends, heresy)? Examine your daily, weekly habits. What is helping you grow in grace and what is hindering that growth? Is there anything in your life zapping you of spiritual vitality? If so, then root it out now.

Second, do not tolerate evil in your children. If your children are still at home, resist the clearly American notion that you need to be your child’s best friend. Nonsense! Learn to say “No” to your children, to teach them the value of delayed gratification. Pray they will know Christ from an early age and demand that they keep the covenant by obeying God’s word. Call them to sexual purity from puberty to adulthood. Don’t assume they are living in purity. Demand access to their Facebook page. No secrets in the covenant family.

And third, do not tolerate evil in the world around you. Easier said than done, but Noah was a preacher of righteousness who warned his community of impending doom if they refused to repent. So did Jonah, Nahum, Joel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Start with demanding from your elected officials that they pass laws which follow God’s word, and not the decay of a godless, western humanism. At the very least you can warn your elected officials that they are accountable to God for their actions, for the laws they pass or do not pass, that they will stand before Him on that great day and give account for what they have done or not done.

The battle is now being largely lost in the western world, but as long as Jesus leaves us in the world, there still is the possibility of renewal, revival, and restoration.

Begin small.

Start with your own life, branch out to those closest to you, and then go to the world.

Ask for Christ’s presence, power, and authority by the Holy Spirit.

Abide in Christ as He abides in you.

If you do so, then He promises to bring forth fruit in your life (John 15:1-5).

Seek the Lord while He may be found.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord (Isaiah 55:6-7, James 4:8, 2 Corinthians 7:1).

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