Neem en lees: 17 September 2015

1. Konferensie van Gereformeerde Kerke in SA (2015)

By die afgelope Konferensie van Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika is die onderstaande geloofsverklaring aanvaar. Hierdie verklaring poog om uiteen te sit wat Christene behoort te glo in ons dag waar daar baie verwarring bestaan.

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2. Dr. Willie Marais oor Homoseksualiteit 

Dr Willie Marais het ‘n boekie geskryf met die titel: AS DIE FONDAMENTE OMGEGOOI WORD.

In die inleiding van die boekie het hy ernstige kritiek uitgespreek oor die pogings van teoloë in die kerk om homoseksuele gedrag vanuit die Bybel te regverdig. Sy opmerkings hieroor was profeties vir ons tyd en word hieronder aangebied.

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3. The Existence and Attributes of God (ebook) 

The Existence and Attributes of God has become a classic text on the doctrine of God, and examines in meticulous detail God’s foreknowledge and sovereignty, and discusses the possibility of free will and natural law. No Reformed theologian prior to Charnock treated God’s existence and attributes with such clarity and depth—in fact, his was one of the first works solely devoted to the subject to appear in the Reformed theological tradition, and has become a standard work on the subject. His positions have been echoed and refined by generations of theologians, and most recently have contributed to contemporary debates over free will, foreknowledge, and the openness of God.

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4. The Making of Character

The word ‘character’ meant originally, the lines, furrows, or scratches which the engraver made upon the metal. In life, character consists of the impressions left, the tracks cut in the soul—by life’s experiences. A baby has no character; its life is like a smooth tablet with nothing yet engraved upon it. At once, however, therecord begins to be made. Education, influence, the impacts of other lives, joys, sorrows, successes, and failures—all leave their ‘touches’—their lines of beauty or of marring, their furrows of suffering; and at length, in mature years, the man stands among men with a character distinctively his own, the composite product of all the varied experiences of his whole life.

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5. Standard Bearer Digital Index, vol.1-91 & Debunking the Framework Hypothesis

Over the course of the next few days I will be posting excerpts from an online article entitled What’s Wrong with the Framework Hypothesis? The article was written in 2011, but I only found it recently and would like to share it with the readers of the blog. I am not sure how much time Professor Cammenga will spend dealing with the Framework Hypothesis in his Oct. 9 speech on Theistic Evolution, but the two topics are related, and these posts may be considered preparation for the speech. I also wanted to share this article as a reminder of what a wealth of information is available at Because I want to share the excerpts with you in full, these posts may be a bit lengthy.

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