PRCA sprekerstoer: 1 tot 4 Junie 2016

PRCA sprekerstoer: 1 tot 4 Junie 2016

Tydens die eerste week in Junie gaan prof. Ron Cammenga en prof. Barry Gritters van die Protestant Reformed Churches in America en die Protestant Reformed Theological School ons besoek in Pretoria en vir ons die volgende lesings aanbied by verskillende plekke (sal later bekendgemaak word, ook die spesifieke tye):

Prof. Ron Cammenga

Woensdag: Lessons from Calvin’s Life
Donderdag: Distinctive Features of Calvin’s Theology
Saterdag oggend konferensie: Conference on the Covenant
Lecture 1: ‘Let Us….’: A Covenant God in Himself
Lecture 2: ‘Between Me and Thee’: Covenant and Election
Lecture 3: ‘Thee and Thy Seed’: With Believers and their Children
Biography: “Professor Cammenga did his undergraduate work at Calvin College and graduated from the Protestant Reformed Seminary in 1979.  He served Protestant Reformed churches in Iowa, Colorado, and Michigan before accepting the appointment to teach in the Seminary in 2005.  He teaches Reformed Dogmatics and Old Testament studies.  He is married to his wife Rhonda, and together they have eleven children and thirty grandchildren.”

Prof. Barry Gritters

Woensdag-middag: The Reformed Heritage of Heidelberg Catechism Preaching
Woensdag-aand: On the Definition of “Reformed.”  What makes a church “Reformed”?
Donderdag- middag: The Reformed Method and Blessing of Heidelberg Catechism Preaching
Donderdag-aand: What is the Kingdom? Neo-Calvinism and the Mission of the Church
Biography: “Barrett Gritters is Professor of New Testament and Practical Theology at the Protestant Reformed Theological School in Grandville, Michigan, USA.  He served for 20 years as pastor of 2 different Protestant Reformed congregations.  For the past 13 years he has been teaching at the seminary.  He serves as one of the editors of the Standard Bearer, the voice of the Protestant Reformed Churches for almost 92 years.  He and his wife Lorinda have 6 married children and many grandchildren.”
Kontakpersoon vir verdere inligting:
Slabbert Le Cornu
082 770 2669

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