Die Christen en die digitale wêreld


‘n Onlangse Ligonier konferensie het as deel van hul konferensie, ook die belangrike saak van die Christen se gebruik van die digitale wêreld, tot eer van God, aangespreek. Tegnologie kan so maklik deur ons misbruik word, en skade veroorsaak in ons verhouding tot God en ons naaste, veral ons gesinslewens.

Ons moet as gelowiges daarteen waak dat die instrumente wat God ons gee, nie ons lewens oorheers nie, maar ons moet daaroor heers, dit beheer deur sy Gees en Woord (1 Kor.6:12).

Hier is die titels van die verskillende lesings om na te kyk en/of te luister, wat ons help om goeie selfondersoek te doen oor ons gebruik van die sosiale media:

Vanity in a Digital World

Productivity in a Digital World

Speech in a Digital World

Purity in a Digital World

Panel Discussion with Bingham and Challies

Die lesings is hier gratis beskikbaar: The Gospel: 2016 West Coast Conference

Sien ook die volgende artikels:

God se tegnologie 

Boekbekendstelling: Discipleship in the Age of the Spectacle

“In one sense, the most important space in a church is the space between people: that betweenness is the condition for meaningful personal interaction. There’s something sad about having to pass the peace of Christ electronically rather than by personal embrace. Face-to-face fellowship is necessary if members of a local church are to be really present to, for, and with one another. It is hard to partake of the one bread (1 Corinthians 10:17) unless we are sitting at the same Table. ….

Two anxieties drive much of what we do today: status anxiety (what will people think of me?) and the newer disconnection anxiety, which is tied to FOMO (fear of missing out). Put briefly: I connect, therefore I am. The question, however, is: connect to what? I’m afraid that, for many, the answer too often is the empire of the entertainment-industrial complex. We live in what has been described as an “attention economy,” and the Sunday morning sermon seems weak in comparison to a Safari surfing session. The latter enables us to ride the waves of popular culture and opinion. The sobering question for the disciple is whether our attention is being drawn to something worthwhile.” – Kevin vanHoozer

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