Die Gereformeerde Kerk Vrijgemaakt (GKv) geskors uit die ICRC weens hul besluit oor die vrou in die ampte

Die Gereformeerde Kerk Vrijgemaakt (GKv) geskors uit die ICRC weens hul besluit oor die vrou in die ampte

In ‘n vorige skrywe het ek berig oor die GKv se besluite by hul onlangse sinode ten gunste van die vrou in die amp.

In antwoord daarop het die ICRC (International Conference of Reformed Churches) hierdie kerkverband van lidmaatskap geskors weens hul onbybelse besluite. Dit is die ICRC se hoop dat die GKv hul sal bekeer van hierdie besluite, anders sal hul lidmaatskap beëindig word oor vier jaar met die volgende ICRC vergadering in 2021. Die GKSA is ook lid van die ICRC en hierdie besluit is ook ‘n belangrike boodskap vir die GKSA se komende sinode in 2018.

Ds. Wes Bredenhof berig as volg daaroor:

“By a vote of 25-4 (with two abstentions), the International Conference of Reformed Churches has decided to suspend the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands (RCN).  This comes after the RCN last month at their synod decided to open all the offices of the church to women.  The ICRC is one of the world’s most important ecumenical organizations for confessionally Reformed and Presbyterian churches.  It consists of over 30 churches from all over the world.  With this decisive action, the RCN receives a clear message that it is out of step with global Reformed Christianity.

The question of what to do with the RCN led to several hours of debate up to this point at the ICRC.  The Orthodox Presbyterian Church made the initial proposal, but found vocal support from the Canadian Reformed Churches, the United Reformed Churches, the Free Reformed Churches of South Africa, and others.

Voices were also heard cautioning against suspension — notably, the Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands and the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia (PCEA).  Rev. Dr. Rowland Ward from the PCEA was quoted in the Dutch press as arguing that the body had to come up with substantive biblical arguments to take action against the RCN.  He noted that several biblical passages could be understood at first glance as supporting women in office.  So, Dr. Ward said, “Why couldn’t there be freedom on this point?”  He was also quoted as saying that, for him, the RCN was still Reformed and suspension would not be appropriate “for a church that has been so faithful in our midst.”  In personal correspondence, however, Dr. Ward clarified that it was explicitly made clear that neither he nor the PCEA support women’s ordination.

Voting took place Monday on the OPC proposal (which can be found here).  The first, third, and fourth parts of that proposal passed readily 28-1.  It was the second part that took a little extra time:  to suspend the RCN immediately.  The Christian Reformed Churches in the Netherlands proposed a substitute motion to give the RCN time until the next meeting to reconsider their membership.  This motion failed 8-21 with two abstentions.  The body then voted on the second part of the OPC proposal as presented and it passed without difficulty.

The RCN now has four years to repent of their decisions regarding women in office.  Since women are already being ordained in the RCN, it is difficult to see how such repentance could be effected federation-wide.  But if, somehow, they are able to reverse course, the RCN will continue to make valuable contributions to global ecumenicity through the ICRC.  If not, their membership in the organization they helped to found will be terminated in 2021 at its tenth annual meeting.

Op die werkenaaneenheid.nl kan meer gelees word oor die saak:

Zie op werkenaaneenheid.nl

Ds. Wes Bredenhof (van de Australische Gereformeerde Kerken) heeft diverse artikelen gepubliceerd hierover (in het engels):

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  1. Het die gemeentes in gksa-verband afgevaardigdes na die ICRC gestuur? Indien wel, wie? Sal sulke afgevaardigdes ons inlig oor die gebeure?

    1. Goeie vraag Neels, sal waardeer as jy dit vir ons vra en uitvind op die gerefkerke poslys, of persoonlik by iemand soos Malan van Rhyn of Ben Fourie, wat, dink ek, daarby betrokke is ?

      1. Ds Malan van Rhijn het vir my laat weet dat die deputate in Die Kerkblad oor die ICRC se vergadering sal skryf. Ek het nog nie ‘n Kerkblad-artikel hieroor gesien nie.

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