Verskillende verklarings oor seksualiteit en VIDA

Verskillende verklarings oor seksualiteit en VIDA

Sien die volgende verklarings aangaande seksualiteit en VIDA kwessies, soos saamgevat op die Presbyterian Weekly News blog van 22 Junie 2011:

[1] Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) Makes Statement on Sexuality

Press Release – 15/06/11

The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) have authorised the release of a statement affirming and asserting that the Holy Scriptures clearly teach us that Our Creator has given mankind the gift of sexuality for His glory, for the comfort of man and woman, for the procreation of godly seed, to fulfil the creation mandate and raise up godly seed to prepare a people for Himself to all eternity. This union is only to be expressed within the bounds that Scripture prescribes and any transgression of these bounds will earn His just judgement.

In particular:

1. All sexual relations outside the institution of the marriage of one man and one woman are sinful and cannot be condoned within the membership of Christ’s Church.

2. Any practice of sexual relations between man and man or woman and woman is severely condemned by God in Scripture and is described as an abomination in His sight.

3. Any church which countenances the ordination of a man practising homosexuality is
denying the faith and will earn the displeasure of Almighty God – Scriptures Genesis 19 v 5, Leviticus 18 v22, Romans 1 v26, 27, Revelation 22 v15.

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church Adopts Resolution Condemning Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) Removal of Fidelity and Chastity Requirement for Ministers, Elders, and Deacons

” … And WHEREAS the PCUSA is propagating to its congregants the lie that homosexuality is acceptable in God’s sight, defying the truth of the Scriptures, which condemns homosexuality as sin, THEREFORE in humble acknowledgement of her own shortcomings, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, at its 207th Synod meeting, condemns the action taken by the PC(USA) and implores the PC(USA) to confession, repentance and recantation over this recent action for the sake of the unity, peace, purity and prosperity of the Church of Jesus Christ Universal and Militant.”

[3] Presbyterian Church of Ghana Moderator Condemns Homosexual Activity

“Right Reverend Professor Emmanuel Martey, Moderator of the General Assembly of Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) on Monday condemned activities of homosexuals in the country. He said homosexuality spiritually affected perpetuators of the act and should not be encouraged in the society, because the act was unnatural and unacceptable in the sight of Jesus Christ.”

[4] Christian Reformed Church in North America Neuters Three Forms of Unity

“Synod 2011 passed revised translations of the Belgic Confession, Canons of Dort, and Heidelberg Catechism on Tuesday night. The changes focused on reducing male pronouns for God and eliminating masculine references to humankind.”

Sien ook: Geslags-neutrale Bybelvertaling?

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