1. Dr. Joseph Pipa – sprekerstoer: DV, 17-24 Maart 2013 2. Preek reeks oor sewende gebod

1. Dr. Pipa sprekerstoer

Hier is ‘n meer volledige program van dr. Pipa se sprekerstoer wat binnekort plaasvind:

Saturday, 16

Arrival and rest

Sunday, 17 – preaching and meeting in Pretoria

morning – preaching at Rietvallei Reformed church (contact person: Shaun Green)

evening – discussion on ‘The Confederates and the slavery issue’ after the evening service (Contact person: Francois van Deventer and more info: GK Bet-el)

Monday, 18 – meetings in Pretoria

morning – meeting with APK church professors and lecture to students:

Lecture one: Our theological calling today – a southern (USA) perspective
Lecture two: A Christian life – our theological responsibility

Contact person: prof. Koos Adendorff

evening: lecture for Juventus reformed youth group (Pretoria)

“Reformed theological training and education in the 21st century”

Contact person: ds. Pieter Le Roux

Tuesday, 19 – meetings and lectures in Potchefstroom

Lecture one: The New Covenant Sabbath – Sunday

Lecture two: The importance of Infant Baptism

Contact person: prof. Henk Stoker

Wednesday, 20 – morning devotional and visiting Mukanyo Theological Seminary

contact person: dr. Brian de Vries

Thursday, 21 – visiting Wycliffe Theological Seminary, Randburg

Lecture: “The Holy Spirit and the Unique Power of Preaching”

contact person: rev. Jim Wright

Friday, 22 – Special offices seminar in Pretoria (GK Bet-el)

16h15: Opening, ds. Le Cornu

16h30: What is good reformed preaching & good reformed theological training, dr. Pipa

18h00: Evening meal

19h00: Office of elder – calling and task (who are called to this task?), dr. Pipa

20h00: Question and answers

Saturday, 23 – Church seminar in Pretoria (GK Bet-el)

09h30: Opening, ds. S Le Cornu

09h45: The Calling of the Church (touches on issues of ‘missional strategies’)

10h45: Tea

11h15: The importance of church government and church denomination (Belgic Confession talks about true and false churches, Westminster about more or less pure churches; Where do we draw the line for church unity, can one have denominational unity if church’s church government differs radically, for instance on the issue of women offices, etc.)

12h15: Lunch

13h00: The Law of God for today (the relation between die OT and NT, does the law apply for today, specific application to the last day – first day Sabbath issue)

Contact person: Francois van Deventer and more info: GK Bet-el

Sunday morning, 24: preaching in Johannesburg

morning: Grace Family Church in Cosmo City

contact person: Chester Chummie

evening: English Reformed Church in Randburg

contact person: rev. Jim Wright

2. Preekreeks oor die sewende gebod in Pretoria

Saam met die sprekerstoer is daar ook die volgende preekreeks wat ek by die GK Bet-el gaan aanbied:

Tema: Kuisheid binne en buite die huwelik (HK Sondag 41 – die sewende gebod)

17 Maart

19:00 — Kuisheid in gees en liggaam is God se wil vir alle mense (1 Kor.6:9-20)

24 Maart

11:45: Kuisheid binne en buite die huwelik (1 Kor.7:1-9)

19:00: Huwelik, egskeiding en hertrou (1 Kor.7:10-11)

Na die erediens: vrae en bespreking oor preke 1-3, veral egskeiding en hertrou

31 Maart

11:45: God se wil vir gebroke verhoudings (1 Kor.7:12-24)

19:00: Deur Christus alleen kan ons kuis lewe (Jes.55:1-3)

Na die erediens: dr. David Murray DVD aanbieding saam kyk: God’s Technology – training our children to use technology to God’s glory

31ste Laan 415 Villeria Pretoria. Direkte uitsending: www.gkBetEl.camstreams.com gkBetEl@gmail.com of  Tel: 012 3614266  http://www.gkbetel.wordpress.com


Hier is meer inligting oor dr. Joe Pipa:

Dr. Pipa is die president van GPTS (vir meer inligting: Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary) en is die skrywer van die volgende boeke:

The Lord’s Day

The Westminster Confession of Faith Studybook (wat ook die Drie Formuliere van Enigheid inkorporeer in die studieboek)

Galatians: God’s Proclamation of Liberty

Dr. Pipa was ook die mede-redakteur van die baie belangrike boek Did God Create in Six Days?

Hier is ‘n profiel van dr.Pipa:

Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He is a graduate of Belhaven College and Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, and received a Ph.D. from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Pipa has over twenty years of pastoral experience in Mississippi, Texas and California.  He was also Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Director of Advanced Studies at Westminster Theological Seminary California from 1990-1997 before becoming the first president of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Taylors, South Carolina.  Dr. Pipa continues to serve as both Professor of Historical & Systematic Theology and President of GPTS.  He and his wife, Carolyn, live in Greenville, South Carolina. They have a married son and daughter, and five grandchildren.

Dr. Pipa’s sermons are available at SermonAudio.com, and several are indexed by Monergism.com.  Dr. Pipa’s professional credentials and experience are also listed on his profile page at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s website.  You can also find Dr. Pipa on Facebook.

Dr. Pipa has written several books, and contributes to Tabletalk magazine.  Below are his titles available through Christian Focus.  Also, an audio interview on his recent Galatians commentary is available online.

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    1. Hallo, dit sal iewers die Maandag wees, waarskynlik die Maandag middag, ek moet net eers bevestiging kry van die APK se planne, dan sal ek met jou vasmaak.

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