1. Dr. Pipa sprekerstoer

Hier is ‘n meer volledige program van dr. Pipa se sprekerstoer wat binnekort plaasvind:

Saturday, 16

Arrival and rest

Sunday, 17 – preaching and meeting in Pretoria

morning – preaching at Rietvallei Reformed church (contact person: Shaun Green)

evening – discussion on ‘The Confederates and the slavery issue’ after the evening service (Contact person: Francois van Deventer and more info: GK Bet-el)

Monday, 18 – meetings in Pretoria

morning – meeting with APK church professors and lecture to students:

Lecture one: Our theological calling today – a southern (USA) perspective
Lecture two: A Christian life – our theological responsibility

Contact person: prof. Koos Adendorff

evening: lecture for Juventus reformed youth group (Pretoria)

“Reformed theological training and education in the 21st century”

Contact person: ds. Pieter Le Roux

Tuesday, 19 – meetings and lectures in Potchefstroom

Lecture one: The New Covenant Sabbath – Sunday

Lecture two: The importance of Infant Baptism

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