Dr. John Byl sprekerstoer: 5 – 12 Maart 2017

Dr. John Byl - Reformation International Doctoral Committee


“Scientists choose their theories based on their prior background assumptions. For Christians, one of those assumptions is that the Bible is the Word of God.” – dr. John Byl

Dr. Byl gaan in Maart, DV, ‘n paar lesings aanbied in Pretoria en Potchefstroom, oor die belangrike onderwerp van geloof en wetenskap vanuit ‘n Christelike lewens- en wêreldbeskouing wat getrou wil bly aan die Woord van God, tot Sy eer (Rom.11:36).

Hy gaan van 5 tot 7 Maart in Pretoria wees, en van 8 tot 10 Maart in Potchefstroom vir lesings en gesprekke.

Sodra ek die finale inligting het van die datums en plekke waar hy lesings gee, sal dit ook hier op my blog geplaas word.

Hier is meer inligting oor dr. Byl:

1 Biografie

Dr. John Byl, B.Sc., Ph.D., is a professor at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, where he began in 1978, took over as chair of the department of Mathematical Sciences in 1980 and received his full professorship in 1985. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of British Columbia in 1969 and his Ph.D. in Astronomy from the same in 1973.

He also serves on Reformation International College Educational and Doctoral committees. He worked as a post-doctoral fellow from 1973 to 1975 and as lecturer from 1975 to 1977 at the University of British Columbia, Department of Geophysics & Astronomy in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and was also a visiting professor at Dordt College, Iowa, in the Physics Department from 1977 to 1978. In 1999, he was awarded the Templeton Award for Science/Religion Course for his course Math 480: Foundations in the Mathematical Sciences: Theological and Philosophical Issues.

Dr. Byl’s research interests are in astronomy (celestial mechanics, cosmology), physics (special relativity), computing (cellular automata), mathematics (infinite tasks), and interaction between science and religion. In recent years the focus of his research has shifted to philosophical and theological issues related to the foundations of mathematics, physics and cosmology. Born in The Hague, Netherlands, in 1949, Dr. Byl is now a Canadian citizen. He is married and has six children.

2 Webblad: Bylogos

“The purpose of this blog is to promote a Christian worldview, based on the Bible as God’s inerrant and fully authoritative Word, in accordance with the Reformed Confessions.”

Sien al die onderwerpe wat dr. Byl daar aanspreek waaroor hy lesings kan aanbied.

3 Boeke (kan hier bestel word in SA: Augustine Bookroom)



Book review: In just 42 pages they gave an overview of:

  • the difference between historical and operation science
  • why secular scientists deny miracles as a matter of dogma
  • why many professing Christian scientists do, but shouldn’t, deny miracles
  • the basics of materialism and naturalism
  • what the various origins positions are
  • why Christianity is incompatible with any form of evolution
  • how dating methods can be unreliable
  • what books would be good for further reading

Sien die voorwoord, inhoudsopgawe en meer inligting hier en waar die boek bestel kan word: Origins ? (Book excerpt: “How Should Christians Approach Origins?)


God and Cosmos


In his book A Brief History of Time, the famous Cambridge cosmologist Stephen Hawking held out the prospect of a complete theory of the universe by means of which we would know ‘why it is that we and the universe exist…then we would know the mind of God.’ Christian mathematician John Byl disagrees: ‘Hawking overestimates the value of a Theory-of-Everything, while underestimating the content of God’s mind.’ We already have in Scripture a source of knowledge superior to all other sources and already know ‘the mind of God’. so far as He has been pleased to reveal it to us. On this basis, Byl questions much of modern cosmology, including the Big-Bang theory of origins. He deals with the limitations of human knowledge, biblical teaching relevant to cosmology, the quest for extra-terrestrial intelligence, the existence of the spiritual realm, heaven, angels, life after death, and much else. Byl’s approach is a refreshing counter to the dreary and ultimately meaningless outlook of modern cosmology.

Sien die inhoudsopgawe en meer inligting hier en waar die boek bestel kan word: God and Cosmos

The Divine Challenge



Since the Beginning of time man has challenged God’s supremacy, striving to dethrone God and reinterpret the universe according to his own standards and purposes. In response God, who is determined to destroy the wisdom of the wordly wise and to unmask it for the foolishness that it really is, issues his own challenge to sinful man. Arrogantly, modern scientific man takes up that divine challenge, arming himself with scientific knowledge and technological power. Indeed, man has convinced himself that this rational wisdom has made foolish the wisdom of Scripture, with its tall tales of a personal God, of life after death, and of heaven and hell. ‘Such notions’, Einstein declared, ‘are for the fears or absurd egoism of feeble souls.’

John Byl argues that the Christian worldview provides the only foundation for logic, mathematics, science and morality. The Divine Challenge aims to substantiate this bold claim. Byl shows the failure of today’s predominant philosophies to provide a coherent worldview that can yield a plausible account of the various aspects of life as we experience it. Only a Christian worldview, squarely based on the truth of the Bible and the comprehensive sovereignty of God, can give our lives coherence, meaning, purpose and hope.

Sien die inhoudsopgawe en meer inligting hier en waar die boek bestel kan word: The Divine Challenge

4) Dr. Byl het onder ander die volgende artikels gepubliseer

“War of the Worldviews: Christianity and its challengers”. Sarospataki Fuzetek (Journal of the Sarospatak Reformed Theological Seminary) 2010/1: 11-42.

“A Christian Perspective on Physics”, Chapter in Christian Worldview and the Academic Disciplines: Crossing the Academy (ed. Deane E.D. Downey & Stanley E. Porter) 2009, Eugene, OR: Pickwick.

“A Christian Perspective on Math”, Reformed Perspective Vol.27 (2008, No.4): 9-13.

“On Life in the Universe” in Gott nach der Postmoderne (2007) Peter Zőller-Greer & Hans-Joachim Hahn (eds). Hamburg: Lit Verlag. Pp. 242-248.

“Free Will and Responsibility” Reformed Perspectives Magazine (2007) 9:1-21.

Review: Theology and Modern Physics by Peter E. Hodgson

Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies Vol.XIX (2007, No.1/2): 193-195.

“Matter, Mathematics, and God”, Theology and Science 5 (2007):73-86.

“Can Science Dispense with Religion?” Can Science Dispense with Religion? 2004

  1. Golshani (ed.), Tehran, Iran: Inst. for Humanities and Cultural Studies: 69-77.

“Indeterminism, divine action and human freedom”, Science & Christian Belief Vol.15 (2003, No.2): 101-116.

“Deriving Special Relativity Theory from Electromagnetic Clocks”, Galilean Electrodynamics Vol.14 (2003): 89-92

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“Naturalism, Theism and Objective Knowledge”, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies XIV (2002): 69-90.

“On Numbers in Numbers”, Science & Christian Belief Vol.13 (2001): 59-67.

“On Michael Ruse and Reductionary Illusions”

Research News & Opportunities in Science and Theology Vol.2 No.1 (2001): 26.

“Theism & Mathematical Realism”. Assoc. of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences Conference Proceedings (2001):  33-48.

“On Resolving the Littlewood-Ross Paradox”, Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences 12 (2000): 42-47.

“A Simple Proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra”.International Journal of Mathematics Education in Science and Technology 30(1999):602.

“Special Relativity Via Electromagnetic Clocks”, Galilean Electrodynamics 10:107-110.

“On The Capacity of Solomon’s Molten Sea”. Vetus Testamentum 48(1998): 309-314.

“Preliminary Considerations: On Scientific and Theological Method”, Premise 5(1998 No.3):1-11

“On the Natural Selection of Universes”

            Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 37:369-371 (1996)

“The Role of Beliefs in Modern Cosmology”, Facets of Faith and Science. Vol.3, ed. by J. van der Meer. Lanham: University Press of America, 1996: 47-62.

“On Craig’s Defence of the Kalam Cosmological Argument”, Facets of Faith and Science. Vol. 4, ed. J.M. van der Meer. Lanham: University Press of America, 1996: 75-90.

“On Pascal’s Wager and Infinite Utilities”, Faith and Philosophy 11(no.3): 467-473 (1994)

“General Revelation and Evangelicalism.” Mid-America Journal of Theology 5(1990):1-13.

“Galactic Removal Rates for Long-Period Comets” The Astronomical Journal 99:1632-1635 (1990).

“On Cellular Automata and the Origin of Life”, Science and Christian Faith 41:26‑29 (1989).

“Scripture and Geologists.” Westminster Theological Journal 50:143‑152 (1989).

5) Onlangse lesings en seminare

“God, Math, and the Scientific Revolution”. July 6, 2016. Apologetics Symposium, Bothell, WA.

“A Christian View of Math”, June 4, 2016. Creation Society of BC, Ladner, BC.

“Scientific Evidence and the Bible”, Jan.27, 2016. Smithville, Ont. Canadian Reformed Church

“Teaching math from a Christian perspective” Jan.27, 2016. Canadian Reformed Teachers’ College.

“Is evolution compatible with Biblical truth?”  Jan.28, 1016. Canadian Reformed Seminary.

“Is distant starlight a problem?” Noc.20, ,2015, Apologetics Symposium, Arlington, WA

”Do we need the Biblical Adam?” Feb.28, 2015. Renfrew Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC

“Science and Christianity” (short course) Oct 22-24, 2014. Reformed Seminary, Recife, Brazil

“God, Chance and Evil”, Oct.13, 2012 Andover Baptist Church, Maryland, USA,

“Did science kill God?” March 2014. Pacific Bible College, Abbotsford, BC.

“God, Chance and Evil”, God & Physics Conference, July 8, 2010, Oxford, UK.

“War of the Worldviews: Christianity and its Challengers”, Reformed Theological Seminary, Sarospatak, Hungary. Sept.17, 2009.

“What is the Reformed View on Origins?” April 22, 29, May 6, 2010, Abbotsford, BC.

“Does Science Contradict Christianity?” May 23, 2009, Medical Students, Tirane, Albania

 “Mathematics and Truth”, May 12, 2008, Tavrida National University, Simferopol, Ukraine

“Relating Matter, Mind and Mathematics”, May 12, Crimean University, Simferopol, Ukraine

“Cosmology and Reality”, Pacific Bible College, March 10, 2007

“Models in science and theology”, ESSSAT Conference, Sigtuna, Sweden, May 3, 2008.

“Matter, Mathematics and God”, May 1, 2006, Congress on Science and Religion, Tehran, Iran

“Chance, Choice and God”, May 2, 2006, Congress on Science and Religion, Tehran.

“Teaching Mathematics From a Christian Perspective”, CTABC-NWSCI Teachers Convention,   Langley, Oct.5, 2004.

“Mathematical Models and Reality”, ACMS Conference, Point Loma Nazarene College, San Diego,       May 29, 2003.

“A Christian Perspective On Physics”, Physics Faculty Lecture, Potchefstroom, South Africa, Feb.7,       2003.

“Presuppositions in Cosmology”, Philosophy Faculty Lecture, Potchefstroom, Feb.10, 2003.

“Life in the Universe”, Biology Faculty Lecture, Potchefstroom, Feb.11, 2003.

“Towards a Christian Cosmology”, Simposium, Grondslae en Etiek, Potchefstroom, Feb.14, 2003. Interactions Between Matter, Mind and Mathematics”, CCCU Workshop, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, May 23, 2003.

“Theism and Mathematical Realism”, Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences Conference, Calvin College, May 31, 2001.

“Presuppositions and Worldviews in Dialogue”, Templeton “Time & God” Conference, Oxford, July 10, 2000.


11 thoughts on “Dr. John Byl sprekerstoer: 5 – 12 Maart 2017

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  1. Dankie Slabbert. Veral die feit dat hy ook Potch toe kom, maak my opgewonde. Ons kyk uit vir die finale inligting.

  2. Is die boek ‘God and Cosmos’ van Dr. John Byl te koop? Sou dit graag voor die lesings wou lees. Het by die ‘Augustine bookroom’ probeer, maar dit is nie tans beskikbaar nie.
    Sal daar dalk ‘n DVD van die lesings beskikbaar wees indien dit nie moontlik is om die lesings fisies by te woon nie?
    Theo van der Merwe

    1. Hallo Theo, sy boeke is ongelukkig nie tans beskikbaar nie, sal dit moet bestel deur Augustine Bookroom. Hierdie kleiner boekie van hom kan wel deur e-boeke aangekoop word: http://amzn.to/2lLR0AT

      Kyk by elke afdeling van waar hy praat, daar is kontak e-pos adresse wat vir jou kan sê of daar opnames gaan wees of nie.

      As jy nie die boeke betyds kan kry nie, is die volgende beste om dr. Byl se webblad te gaan lees om ‘n idee te kry van sy publikasies: http://bylogos.blogspot.com/


  3. Het reeds ‘n navraag by die ‘Augustine bookroom’ gedoen, die boek is nie op hulle stelsel nie en gevolglik kan hulle dit nie vir my bestel nie.

    Is dit nie dalk moontlik vir Dr. John Byl om vir my ‘n kopie van ‘God and cosmos’ saam te bring nie?

    Theo van der Merwe

    1. Hy is reeds weg uit VSA en gaan ‘n paar plekke besoek. Ek het ook vir hom gevra vir ‘n paar boeke saambring, maar hy kon ongelukkig nie, weens gewig limiet. Beste is dan om die boek met speedpost te bestel via Amazon of Banner of Truth?

  4. miskien kan jy nog nederlandstalige uitgawes in die hande kry van oorsee. vra Folmer boekhandel pretoria

  5. Probeer ‘Good Neighbours’ 011 704 1857. Ek het ‘God and Cosmos’ en ‘The Divine Challenge” destyds daar gekry (2002, 2005 resp.)

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